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With scanning and text conversion, there is no issue of skipping lines or words. A computer doesn’t get tired, and what it can do, it can do best. In addition, with typed work it can happen that not all the proofreader’s corrections are inputted, so some errors remain. All our corrections are done directly on the computer, so we don’t run into that issue.

Indeed, this is a real problem and we’ve invested a lot of thought, time and money to develop highly sophisticated software to resolve it, with near-perfect results. Our ability to deal with this problem is the distinguishing factor of Machon Totzaot.

Certainly not! The sophisticated technology we use, and our conscientious and hardworking staff ensure that the work gets done well, and on time. In no way does the speed impede the quality of our work.

True, but with us you’ll need to be less involved and you’ll have more peace of mind.

If two people offer the exact same service, the one who charges more probably offers a superior service. But manual labor cannot be compared to the sophisticated computerized system of scanning and conversion. It happens to work out cheaper for the client, but that doesn’t make the service inferior; on the contrary, the system, although less expensive, is more precise.

Do you also want to see a sefer in print?​

Do you have a file ready? Want to convert an old sefer into a clear-print edition?
 Machon Totzaot offers the most professional service, at the most competent prices,
 with the quickest turnaround. Before you know it, you’ll be walking away with your dream sefer in your hand.

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