Speedy Scanning

Allow us to tell you more about the remarkable breakthrough in the Jewish publishing world; the scanning of ancient sefarim for the purpose of reprint.

The World of Digital Torah Resources – Part I

Imagine yourself in a library that has an uber-efficient librarian. No need to tell him where your required book is located; just tell him the name of the book and he immediately locates it.

The World of Digital Torah Resources – Part II

These two programs are the largest and most comprehensive electronic collection of Jewish texts. The 'Responsa Project' or 'Response' has been around for forty years (!) and was initially developed at a time when most people didn't have computers at home.

The World of Digital Torah Resources – Part III

The sheer scope of material made available, the endless ways it can be collated, categorized, collected and compared is nothing short of wondrous. The more a person works with these resources, the more he realizes how hugely beneficial they are.

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